The Explorer (the extroverted innovator)


Checkbox Extrovert

Checkbox Optimist

Checkbox Curious

Checkbox Enthusiastic

Checkbox Communicative

Checkbox Early adopter of innovation


Observable qualities and behaviours

Checkbox Natural sales ability

Checkbox Challenge oriented

Checkbox Highly sociable

Checkbox Promotes harmony in the team

Checkbox High people orientation

Checkbox Good networking skills

Checkbox Enjoys new experiences

Checkbox Positive about most change

Checkbox Tends to keep up to date with new trends (work related)

Checkbox Can extend the range of the teamcontacts outside the team

Allowable Weaknesses

Checkbox May be over involved with own ideas

Checkbox Can reject information without thinking it through

Checkbox May relax too much when pressure eases

Checkbox May socialise or network and become unproductive

Checkbox Tends to get bored quickly

Checkbox May go “walk about” if too tied to process or protocol

Checkbox Not generally good at finishing unless it’s seen as critical