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Teamstyles had its genesis with Linton Gray’s drive to apply a common-sense approach to human behaviour and communication in teams. He authored the communication programme that has been used successfully with over 36,000 people internationally, in both the public and private sectors. The current version of Teamstyles, and accompanying facilitator guide, is jointly authored by Linton Gray and Anna Gillard. This offering enables the innate skills of individuals in organizations, via a simple training methodology, to use the Teamstyles process in-house.

Teamstyles International Limited


Linton GrayManaging Director
Linton Gray M.A. (Hons) Diploma Teaching (Educational Psychology)

During the last 40 years Linton has worked with teams in Australia, the United Kingdom, the U.S.A and New Zealand. After completing a Master’s Degree at the University of Canterbury (1971), Linton’s career has spanned military service as a commissioned officer, international marketing management at an executive level, teaching at a tertiary institution, directing a successful human resources company and latterly as the executive director of Teamstyles International Ltd. While the majority of his career has been in consulting, Linton has earlier in his career been an employee of IBM, Tait Electronics, and Deloittes.

‘Ó wad some pow’r the giftie gie us, to see oursels as ithers see us’

- Robert Burns (To a Louse)

Teamstyles Consulting Limited


Anna GillardManaging Director
Anna Gillard B.A. M.Sc (Hons)

After completing her Master’s Degree in Industrial and Organisation Psychology at the University of Canterbury (1999), Anna has worked in the field of training and development and change management across the New Zealand and UK markets. Her experience includes; recruitment & selection, training needs analysis, training design, development and delivery, workshop facilitation, team development & communication, coaching; and the Teamstyles communication programme. Anna’s previous roles comprise; Training Partner for Capital International Ltd (UK), Training Manager for Nestlé (UK), Training Manager of Teamstyles International Ltd (Wellington, NZ), and Human Performance Analyst for Accenture (Wellington, NZ). Anna has returned to New Zealand to set up Teamstyles Consulting Limited in Auckland.

‘Strength lies in difference, not in similarities’

- Stephen Covey