The Teamstyles Programme

How can Teamstyles help your team?

The Teamstyles programme can assist you by identifying the different styles which impact on the way we communicate. It is common for people to comfortably recognise a number of characteristics across most of the styles while generally identifying strongly with two or three main styles. The team will recognise the framework of behaviour unique to each individual; key characteristics and strengths, as well as other behaviours to be aware of, and perhaps modify. Understandably, we all have strengths and we all have allowable weaknesses. It will open up honest communication in a non-threatening way.

No one person can be; critically objective, detail oriented, a natural sales person, strong on process, conservative, think outside the square, enthusiastic about change, a directive leader, highly sensitive to team needs, conflict adverse, yet highly impatient to achieve quick goals, while always looking at the ‘big picture’. But a team can! Clearly as many of these characteristics are conflicting, they will not be found in one individual but will probably be represented across the whole team.

When might you use Teamstyles?

How does Teamstyles work?

Teamstyles with its easy to use questionnaire, self-validation checklist and simple peer-review process will enable your team to recognise the different styles and behaviours of individual team members. This knowledge and the workshop process will enable team members to communicate more effectively in the future.

This programme is based on a common sense approach to human behaviour and communication. The beauty of Teamstyles is that you can take it in-house and facilitate the half-day workshops yourself. Obviously this is a cost-benefit to larger organisations, and also provides an enhancement to the skill level of the in-house facilitators.

If you are a team leader, manager, trainer, human resources / organisational development professional who believes that leadership is about supporting your people to achieve results, then the half-day programme is designed for you to facilitate. Ultimately giving you credibility with your own people and opening up communication in the organisation.