The Finisher (the accurate completer)


Checkbox Task focused

Checkbox Careful

Checkbox Orderly

Checkbox Anxious

Checkbox Detail-minded

Checkbox Finisher



Observable qualities and behaviours

Checkbox Vigilant about errors (even if quite minor)

Checkbox Likes work where finishing qualities are valued

Checkbox Prefers established routines

Checkbox Dislikes sacrificing quality for speed

Checkbox Sense of urgency relating to completing tasks

Checkbox Often described by others as a perfectionist

Checkbox Great capacity for follow-through

Allowable Weaknesses

Checkbox Impatient with more casual (“laid-back”) team members

Checkbox Reluctant to let go (dislikes delegating)

Checkbox Not trusting by nature (“trust is earned”)

Checkbox Anxious about getting it right

Checkbox May fixate on details at the expense of the overview

Checkbox May internalize real opinions

Checkbox May feel negative or worry in times of change